Wednesday, 11 September 2013

I want your bones

The culmination of all my teenage/early twenties obsessions seems to manifest into a fashion form best described as "cute meets creepy." It's not a surprise that most of my style influences come as a result of exposure to the music world, and the subversive and expressive fashion that comes along with it. Early influences indlue gwen stefani and the spice girls, then N*Sync and Christina Aguilera, progressing along to the many darker or punky inclined bands that I took to listening in my formative years. The longer my hair grows, the more tempted I am to simply work it with product and sculpt myself an eternal devil-lock.

In saying that, my threads are not of my own creation or even that of my own imagination. They do align somewhat, however. I've had my eyes on so many things from Unif and Lazy Oaf for some time - unif do have quite an array of stoner or psychadelic inspired tees and items, which doesn't directly appeal to me, but they're all about rave, the 90s and tongue in cheek satanic references. It's done in a way that isn't tired and still remains interesting considering the amount of saturation taking up the marketplace at the moment.

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Recycled H-air

Although I haven't kept a steady stream of outfit posts going here, I've maintained the same sense of coordination ever since dyeing my hair green - everything needs to go with everything, there needs to be some sort of theme tying everything together. Elements of plain-ness when you're dress almost exclusively in one colour can offset something from being too much like a costume and something more like a super-hero outfit, or something.

I was at my best friend's house making music and we decided to take some shots of what I was wearing - I think I felt more relaxed and into it knowing that's all it was and the photos weren't being used for something.

Lately I've been thinking about simplicity in style and how that can be attuned to my age - what are some things I could wear better now as opposed to things I could wear in ten years time? During my highschool years I didn't really have much freedom to express myself in this way, so instead I act out looking like a teenage girl trying on boys clothes or something. I figure in a few years I'll have sophisticated myself a bit in terms of things I wear.

T-shirt from topshop, jacket is vintage, jeans are BDG, shoes are converse, belt is from topshop.

Also, photos that my friend Phebe Rendulic took are going to be in an exhibition at Salad Days, this friday in Adelaide! I'm not supposed to be telling anyone, but because not many people are going to read this it's ok for me to say.

Until next time!

- jonnoxxx

Monday, 10 June 2013

Shifting green-marines

Feeling dissastified with your appearance in terms of your fashion presentation - here I'm referring to a common ennui associated with being overwhelmed and simply opting for the basics - is something I've come to terms with a lot lately. Band shirts, all black, and anything corresponding with my current hair colour seems to be the go-to. As you would see, I'm leaning more towards a shift in preference for blues, greens, and anything that will willingly compliment them.

As a result, this look is absolutely consciously a decision to steer away from being some kind of male lady gaga or bebe zeva per se and explore how subtleties can manifest with a basic (well, non existent) colour palette  I went to the steps of parliament house in Adelaide and walked around with my photographer friend Jade Elliott trying to capture this (as well as showing off my new hair-do.)

I find that a lot of my recent aesthetic insecurities have this time come from outside forces - someone I was in love with maybe insinuating that I was shallow, or that fashion was shallow, and me taking that as a very deep blow. The way I express myself in any way, including my clothing sensibilities is an important part of my self validation and self actualisation... I found it hard to block that out.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Strangeness alighting

zuboutique shirt, american apparel suspenders, cheap monday jeans, tuk creepers, givenchy jacket

These photos are from quite a long time ago. if i recall correctly, this was also the day i met the veronicas and they told me i was pretty....hahaha the best compliment i have received  obviously because the veronicas are like totally the queens of punk rock (not really, but whatever realm they preside over, they are royalty.)

There are some more photos from this expedition back in my archive. Last year I went through a period of making really extravagant outfits and trying to fit as many interesting things together onto an outfit instead of adopting a less is more attitude. It looks cool but I think it just shows what my brain was like and I could refine what I wear more.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Life update: never have to keep you waiting

It's been such a long time since i've updated this blog, especially considering I had promise to update at least a few times a week. I could go back and make posts about everything I should have, but instead I'll just talk about a few things here.

I started roller derby. Doing this has always been something I've passively dreamed of aside from the barrier of not being a girl - which I had assumed to be necessary. However, light city derby is bi-gendered (is that the correct term? whatever, i'm inventing it now) and as such have included me into their "freshies" team which is scary and exciting but overall exhilerating. I've only been to two training sessions but have noteably improved since then. I have: a pair of secondhand rollerblades and a new white helmet, which is predictably going to be decorated by me.

(i'm stupidly wearing green jeans to my first session, ugghhh ok)

My "goth band" now has 4 functional members. I was never cool enough to be in a band when I was in high school and never really had friends that shared the same music tastes as me so that's great.

(not finished.)


Sunday, 13 January 2013

cranes that could be mistaken for notes

My brother’s voice is muffled and half-heartedly interrupting my sphere of sound, the cracked resonance of my sonical understanding. He’s yelling across the length of my house to my mother. “Did you know how much this belt cost? It only cost…it only cost $10 . It only cost $10!” I’m imagining him waving it enthusiastically in his hands, the leather doubled up and bent. Strands of techno weave in and out of his excited tapestry of voice and intent. the room is muggy and i’m slimy with sweat, and none of this is of any matter to me, nothing, because i was only yours for 4 days, and the bed i’m lying in is not yours, i’m just jigsaw pieces that have been upset from a box, i am shattered and porcelain. hard. i was broken the moment you destroyed me with those eyes that have the exact same colour as mine but a different shape. flitting across my face and to the back of the room.
my brother’s voice is drifting across my bed, and he’s waving a length of leather excitedly in his hands. you both share the same name and have the same colour hair. “i got this belt for $10” he’s saying, but i can’t quite focus on his face- when i look at him i see a mirror, while when i looked at you i saw the world.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Hit me with lightning

Who cares? Who really cares if this is real or just a passing phase? If you’re real and honest, then that’s amazing. If not, I’ll be ok. I still believe in the gravity of shimmering moments in between flashes of darkness, I understand the purpose of movement and fireworks. Lightning always happens somewhere even if you aren’t seeing it. Even if i can’t feel it sometimes, sparks are real, electricity is what makes us baby, and you should know we’re all just made of the stars.