Wednesday, 11 September 2013

I want your bones

The culmination of all my teenage/early twenties obsessions seems to manifest into a fashion form best described as "cute meets creepy." It's not a surprise that most of my style influences come as a result of exposure to the music world, and the subversive and expressive fashion that comes along with it. Early influences indlue gwen stefani and the spice girls, then N*Sync and Christina Aguilera, progressing along to the many darker or punky inclined bands that I took to listening in my formative years. The longer my hair grows, the more tempted I am to simply work it with product and sculpt myself an eternal devil-lock.

In saying that, my threads are not of my own creation or even that of my own imagination. They do align somewhat, however. I've had my eyes on so many things from Unif and Lazy Oaf for some time - unif do have quite an array of stoner or psychadelic inspired tees and items, which doesn't directly appeal to me, but they're all about rave, the 90s and tongue in cheek satanic references. It's done in a way that isn't tired and still remains interesting considering the amount of saturation taking up the marketplace at the moment.

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