Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Recycled H-air

Although I haven't kept a steady stream of outfit posts going here, I've maintained the same sense of coordination ever since dyeing my hair green - everything needs to go with everything, there needs to be some sort of theme tying everything together. Elements of plain-ness when you're dress almost exclusively in one colour can offset something from being too much like a costume and something more like a super-hero outfit, or something.

I was at my best friend's house making music and we decided to take some shots of what I was wearing - I think I felt more relaxed and into it knowing that's all it was and the photos weren't being used for something.

Lately I've been thinking about simplicity in style and how that can be attuned to my age - what are some things I could wear better now as opposed to things I could wear in ten years time? During my highschool years I didn't really have much freedom to express myself in this way, so instead I act out looking like a teenage girl trying on boys clothes or something. I figure in a few years I'll have sophisticated myself a bit in terms of things I wear.

T-shirt from topshop, jacket is vintage, jeans are BDG, shoes are converse, belt is from topshop.

Also, photos that my friend Phebe Rendulic took are going to be in an exhibition at Salad Days, this friday in Adelaide! I'm not supposed to be telling anyone, but because not many people are going to read this it's ok for me to say.

Until next time!

- jonnoxxx

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