Monday, 10 June 2013

Shifting green-marines

Feeling dissastified with your appearance in terms of your fashion presentation - here I'm referring to a common ennui associated with being overwhelmed and simply opting for the basics - is something I've come to terms with a lot lately. Band shirts, all black, and anything corresponding with my current hair colour seems to be the go-to. As you would see, I'm leaning more towards a shift in preference for blues, greens, and anything that will willingly compliment them.

As a result, this look is absolutely consciously a decision to steer away from being some kind of male lady gaga or bebe zeva per se and explore how subtleties can manifest with a basic (well, non existent) colour palette  I went to the steps of parliament house in Adelaide and walked around with my photographer friend Jade Elliott trying to capture this (as well as showing off my new hair-do.)

I find that a lot of my recent aesthetic insecurities have this time come from outside forces - someone I was in love with maybe insinuating that I was shallow, or that fashion was shallow, and me taking that as a very deep blow. The way I express myself in any way, including my clothing sensibilities is an important part of my self validation and self actualisation... I found it hard to block that out.

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