Tuesday, 4 December 2012

finding a balance

the perfect way to live life, i think, is finding a marriage of two attitudes: the first is basically extreme confidence, (to the point where it’s almost cocky) and an utter belief and faith in yourself and your abilities, to the point where it destroys all your self-doubt and you believe anything is possible. that way, you not only achieve what you want in your life but inspire other people to do the same by proxy. there’s a beauty in believing your own beauty. 
however, it’s also important to be humble and grateful. because you can’t achieve anything if you don’t have other people believing in you, and you should always be thankful for what life has given you, and the earth and the trees and the stars, and the beautiful things that keep you going. and it’s important to be thankful for not only the people that did you good but also the ones who did you bad, because they both made you learn and grow into a more whole and realised person. and it sort of cancels out the negative effects of having an ego, and it allows you to see the world in the right kind of lens. not rose coloured, but clear, because you don’t need rose coloured glasses to see that all the awesome things that are in the world.
so remember, there’s nothing wrong with going to “kanye levels of ego” as long as you show a equal amount of appreciation for everything that allowed you to get to where you are.