Saturday, 29 September 2012

Such great heights

Everything was thrifted except for the jeans (Tripp) and shoes (vegan doc martens) I made the button cover, which is a vaein "V"

It's been a busy week for me, organising a photoshoot for my zine, vaein, actually doing the shoot we were organising for, and hanging out with my friend Jade to take some photos at a rooftop carpark on Hindley street in Adelaide. 

This constitutes maybe my first ever proper outfit post for this! Cool. I obviously need to get used to it. my tag is hanging out in one of the photos and i was rolling around on the floor like madonna for a couple of shots so i have white dust all over me. let's pretend that was a conscious decision.


Monday, 24 September 2012

soooo if you actually want to hear me talk about this shiz...

been stumped on what to write about so i'm going to resort to talking about something everyone thinks i'm heavily involved in: fashion. realistically, as much as i love expressing myself, i know very little about the fashion world at large. compared to most people, anyway.

HOWEVER, i have something of a fascination with prints, particularly stripes. I LOVE STRIPES!! sorry for the caps there but it was appropriate. you know in legally blonde how the people at harvard are discussing her application and talking about how she wrote a "history of polkadots?" that's literally a representation of what i'm writing right now...but just...a different print.

stripes, specifically black and white ones, are a simple design often attributed to goths, tim burton, carnivals, darkness and light and represent a contrast of black and white. they have quite a dramatic affect on how we see the human figure, which is something i love. Apparently stripes can be slimming if they're vertical and have the inverse effect if they're horizontal. that sort of quality is what i love about fashion and clothes: it can often have a fun, illusory effect about it that allows you to manipulate how people see you.
it's just a shirt but what are you gonna do 'bout it

as an individual i'm all about "hyper-fashion" or clothes that distinctly change or affect the people that wear them. as i grow older i become more fascinated with designers like rei kawakubo, margiela, and rick owens. they all make clothes that distort how we see the human form and i personally think that is what fashion should be all about. this may not be the same for other people, but i've always believed that fashion has a sort of otherworldly, magical appeal, and it should be tapped into at every conceivable moment. it should be about challenging the world and societal norms, and how we see ourselves. i am not an extremely gendered person (i'm pretty scrawny, have worn "feminine" clothes in the past and think typical hegemonic masculinity is a joke) so anything that subverts this rigid binary is something i can associate myself with.

anyway, this print is something that i've been wearing an increasing amount within the last year. it's one of the things i define as very much "me". it makes me feel more comfortable and bold, and was sort of the gateway drug to more interesting fashion styles that i haven't worn in the past.

here are some striped things i have, don't have, like, or am unable to wear:

this givenchy jacket has always been one of my dream items, partly because i know it's inspired by a ziggy stardust piece...
more givenchy :D

not a big fan of litas in general but if i was forced to wear one pair, it would be these.

(the below outfits are acne SS/13)


Thursday, 6 September 2012

Instagram outfit of the day! (s)

My "outfit of the day" posts which i'm going to collect here :)

goddamn i wish i had a kawaii ass photographer friend who wanted to hang out all the time and take proper photo sets for me to put on this blog

I keep the rest in these tags: outfitoftheday and outfit of the day on tumblr...if you're interested which you probably aren't.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

don't be so pretentious, honey.

when i was 13, i thought i was going to have the same friends that i'd met that year for the rest of my life. i'd accepted that i would never achieve anything i wanted and would probably end up falling back on a teacher as a job and even by that point, even though i'd just started high school, there was a sense of dread that i didn't have a plan and i would fail by the time i was going to university. i thought that i would never be "cool" in my understanding of it and that i would always be controlled by my parents. when i was 15 i  wasn't much better but secretly made the decision that i wanted to become a musician and be in a band. seeing bands play and tour and react with other people seemed otherworldy but also reachable - all i had to do was get a laptop and learn guitar right? i wanted to be the next playradioplay. in reality, though i had no idea how this would actually occur . i didn't have any friends that liked the music i liked and all my friends that played instruments wouldn't have ever considered being in a band with me. i was glad to have anyone that would talk to me because i honestly thought that i was the lowest of the low, the bottom of the food chain. if i was ever bullied they tired of it pretty quickly because they knew i couldn't sink any further. everyone has painful high school memories but i don't even think of it that way - i never knew anything outside of that feeling so i think i never actively sought to break out of it, to become a more confident person, or to find people that genuinely thought i was the "bees knees."

i'm someone who often has a very narrow idea of what they want to do in the future. reminding myself everyday that life is not that easy to plan and that inspiration is unpredictable is something i have to do. it's why i'm still hesitant about a few things - i never thought i would want to be the editor of a magazine/blog of any kind, but as time passes i realise how perfect it is. i wish i'd started it when i was 15. i can do WHATEVER I WANT! and most of all, i hope that someday i feel like i can harness the inner 8 year old inside of me that wanted to change the world. that feeling has always been there, buried underneath everything else. there is so much that needs to be said and done especially when it comes to social issues and other things that i'm interested in.

finally, i have this strange feeling...a feeling that it might be actually possible to change shit, to help people, or to have fun and express myself totally and fully and not be met with contempt or limits. it's the best feeling in the world and that trapped situation i feel like i've been in for the last three years is starting to loosen. maybe it isn't fully gone away yet, but it might in the future.

music is still something i want to pursue. i don't even care if it's not a big thing - i just feel like that and performing are huge parts of who i am and i have to get that out someway.

you should never limit yourself to one plan. it'll only be uninspiring to you in what you think you want to do- however, it's important to have boundaries. it's good to say "yes, this is what i like" and "no, i don't like this, i don't want to do this." 

this is long and it’s late and I hope it makes sense to anyone if not all of you who actually read it.